AI and Machine Learning

Unlock and capitalize on data in real-time to drive "Connected Intelligence" for your users.

In the past, we were forced to speak the language of computers in order to control and manipulate specific output. With the onset of AI and Machine Learning, we are now able to fathom the possibilities of interacting with computers, devices, and data in “our natural language” through conversational or visual interfaces that permit us to interact.

AI and Machine Learning collectively will become the gateway to drive new and visionary use cases such as; hyper-personalized conversations in retail (Chatbots, Alexa), imitation of intelligent human behavior, inform rather than perform tasks for users, machine learning algorithms that predict and execute trades at high speeds and high volumes, healthcare artificial intelligence focused on imaging and diagnostics and many others.

Here at MILL5, we focus on leveraging AI and Machine Learning to drive transformation and innovation for our clients with the ultimate goal of achieving “Connected Intelligence”. “Connected Intelligence” is the culmination of many technologies and paradigms that have come before which set the foundation and AI and Machine Learning capitalize on these assets to learn and accelerate problem-solving on behalf of the end-user.

Provide cost effective data architectures at cloud-scale.
Leverage existing models in the cloud (R, MATLAB, Excel, Python, FinCAD).
In-depth industry experience: Financial, Healthcare, Oil & Gas.
Leverage modern machine learning tools (TensorFlow, AzureML)
Leverage cloud scale databases (ex. Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, Aurora).
Real-time insights from mobile and IoT devices using streaming analytics.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced AI.
Take advantage of Big Data and NoSQL (ex. Hadoop, MongoDB).
Envisioning and Proof of Concepts
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Data Architecture & Strategy
Cloud and Hybrid Solutions
Big Data & NoSQL
Mobile & IoT Device Analytics
Business Intelligence & Real-time Analytics
Advanced Analytics

We're proud to work with

MILL5 is an Expert Microsoft Partner, so expert that we even help Microsoft develop Azure
Developing trading solutions for both institutional and individual investors
Improving healthcare with artfiicial intelligence, cloud computing, and edge computing
Creating software for advanced fire detection using advanced video processing
Creating innovate SaaS solutions in Azure to manage IoT/IIoT devices on a global scale
Providing FinTech companies with innovative software development
Creating smart and connected software solutions using Azure and IoT
Developing intelligence outage software using Microsoft Azure and artificial intelligence
Transforming software development to container-based applications with Kubernetes and Azure DevOps
Developing advanced asset management solutions using Bloomberg, MATLAB, and FinCAD.
Proving experts and thought leaders in cloud software development, quantitative algorithms, and SaaS development for their most difficult projects.
Developing SaaS and Identity Management solutions for the leader in cloud computing in healthcare
Software development for collaboration solutions using Microsoft Teams, Slack, WebRTC, Zoom, Vonage, Azure Communication Services
Helping the leading stock market scale with innovative software solutions
MILL5 provides Microsoft experts to create the most innovative solutions in the world
Create innovative software for portfolio management using .NET and MATLAB
Developing innovative gaming solutions using artificial intelligence and video processing
Developing cross platform telehealth and telepresence solutions using Visual Studio and Azure
Developing real-time trading systems for sell-side firms
Scaling SQL Server to the most extreme levels be it on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
Advancing healthcare with identity solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) software development
Developing artificial intelligence solutions for battery management
Leveraging the power of high performance computing and cloud for private client investment
Connecting consumers and smart meters with software to change demand response behavior
Developing SaaS applications for commercial freight and shipping using Azure

We're proud to partner with